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Trophy History

Trophy History

The trophy is a kind of reward items provided to people and units who have outstanding performance in a particular area, especially common in tour sports activities in large-scale sports players through fair competition to win the victory, the winner will receive the given certain items as a reward.

World famous trophy

The World Cup trophy, the World Cup trophy, and the Oscar statuette in the film world, are among the world's most famous trophies, and are considered the highest honors in this field, [1]. Since the trophy is mostly cup-shaped, it is also named, but there are other rewards that are not cup-shaped. They may use a dish, portrait, sculpture, or other shape.

Cup introduction
The history of Chinese trophies
As early as more than 3000 years ago in China's Yin and Zhou dynasties, with the popularity of archery, there has been a championship. "Zhou Li" contains an official called "Dao Gong", who once hung a bamboo pole on a bamboo pole and made a silver goblet hanging from a hundred paces with a trench tail and colored feathers. To the Sui and Tang Dynasties friends, the flag made of brocade as a reward winner of souvenirs, known as the "championship."".

When Tang Xuanzong was in ninth Century, the winner of the go contest was awarded a golden bowl. The Song Dynasty popular dragon boat race, but also for the prize to a silver bowl. Is a silver bowl hanging in the key benchmark, first come won the silver bowl, known as the "champion".

History of Western trophies

In the west, trophies come from the cup of love in England. According to the historical records, Britain has a king named Edward who once sat on a horse, took the others to a glass of wine to drink, an assassin from behind a knife stabbed to death. From then on, in the UK the banquet will be the formation of such a kind of etiquette: a large glass, passed among the guests, around a week; whenever a guest took the glass, not only to stand up, but even at his side have to stand up and say "protection" drinkers not like Edward was assassinated. This ritual glass is called "Loving Cup". The cup of love was a precious gift to the best people at that time. Later, people turned the "love Cup" to the winner of the competition, thus becoming the cup. Today's cup is evolved from this "love cup". Until now, the trophy still retains the traces of "love cup". As trophies are usually large, most carry two long ears, all of which are left behind by the "love cup".

The material and process of the trophy
Trophy material
General material three categories: 1 metal (commonly used copper, zinc, aluminum alloy mold casting or forging forming, surface plating polishing. Overall steady and generous) 2 crystal (artificial crystal based, semi machine, semi manual grinding from the overall crystal clear, different light, different angles can refract different effects. 3, dewaxing glaze material trophy (containing 24% lead artificial crystal raw material, high refractive index, permeability strong. ) 4 synthetic categories (a combination of various materials: for example, resin, plastic mold, cast the surface, galvanized metal texture effect). Also useful metal, stone, wood, synthetic

Crystal trophy introduction

With the increasing popularity of crystal gifts, crystal trophy also gradually in many materials in the artificial crystal trophy talent shows itself with the crystal trophy, crystal clear advantage, other also can achieve the basic shape of the metal cup (crystal trophy is geometry spliced, not like the metal mold casting, so too abstract shapes do not out). Many of the trophies were in the crystal trophy.

Imitation blue and white porcelain trophy

The crystal trophy has been widely popularized, and there has been no breakthrough in the style and style. Xinfeng trophy with white marble as a base material, the Chinese wind of blue and white porcelain technology applied to the trophy, forming a different style of trophies.

Metal trophy

The metal trophy is the most common and the most common trophy, consisting of a main body and a base, the general use of the stamping die stamping out to each parts, then use the screw and the screw cap and other tools to string parts all together. Golden Horse trophy trophy, fashionable and outstanding, for the top of the competition, the highest honor for the winner.


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