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Skoda for the tour de France design crystal trophy

The tour de France is the biggest highlight of the cycling season and the most difficult cycling race in the world. This is the Skoda Thirteenth as the official sponsor of the tour de France and the official car partner. In addition, in July 24th in Paris for the tour de France winner trophy awarded by Skoda design team. To show the most incisive trophy Czech crystal art exquisite, Skoda designers draw inspiration from the shape of the bicycle wheel, and to commemorate 121 years ago to bicycle manufacturing started Skoda automobile.


The tour de France across the earth, a total distance of up to 3519 kilometers, divided into 21 stages, including 28 hill road. The award ceremony in July 24th, held in Paris Champs Elysees, winners include yellow jersey winner of the championship, green jersey sprint winner of best player, white shirt and winner of best young rider and winner of the best Polka Dot Jersey climber. Amid the cheers of millions of fans, the winners proudly raised their trophy. Skoda CEO Mebona (Bernhard Maier) attended the award ceremony.


This sculpture is full of unique sense of trophy by Skoda automobile design, manufactured by Czech famous brand LASVIT. The trophy is 60 centimeters high and weighs 4 kilograms. The shape of the design is derived from the bicycle wheels, and the overall shape is very emotional. Designers through this novel design to the history of the Skoda brand Honor: 1895, Skoda founder Vaclav Laurin's (V CLAV Laurin) and Vaclav Clement (V CLAV? Klement) in the town of Bohemia, Mr. Ralph borlace LADA? (now Skoda's headquarters) created a bicycle factory. Ten years later, the young company made its first car, the Voiturette A.

As in 2015, the trophy for the green shirt winner (best sprint player) is made of green crystal. This year's tour, Skoda car as the green partner once again become the focus of attention. In addition, Skoda Thirteenth as the official sponsor of the tour de France and the official car partner.

trophy awards

The winner is awarded the trophy Skoda fully supports the climax of the tour de france. The new Skoda SUPERB supipes become the official team rider pilot "red car" again has become a major highlight of sponsorship activities. A large service team let Skoda brand can be seen everywhere in the tour de france. Skoda provides 250 car service vehicles for the competition, the main models including Skoda OCTAVIA COMBI and Skoda SUPERB.
Cycling is an important part of Skoda sponsorship strategy. In addition to the tour de France and Spain bicycle race, Skoda has sponsored a number of other international events and many other activities bike bicycle. To highlight the special origin of cycling events sponsored Skoda cars and bicycles. 121 years ago, Skoda founder Wenceslas? '(V CLAV Laurin) and Vaclav Clement (V CLAV? Klement) is started to manufacture bicycles, opened a successful brand development road.


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