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Do you know why the British Open trophy is a red wine glass?

The British Open is the full name of the British Open Championships began in 1860, is the four Grand Slam of golf in the oldest, the most ancient race, sponsored by the St Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Club, the third weekend of July each year. In both the hearts of the players and the hearts of the fans, the British Open has its unique and unshakable historical position.

We all know that the prize for the British Open to the winner is the trophy, and there is another one named "red wine glass"". So, do you know why it's called the red wine glass? Does it have any history?

We usually say "red Wine" refers to the production of the famous French Bordeaux Wine producing red Wine. The British Open trophy is made from the red wine style of the party in nineteenth Century, made of silver.


But not every British Open champion has won the red wine glass. The first few players the prize is a special belt, belt, belt Meiqimingyue "challenger". The first British Open was held in 1860 at the Prestwick golf club in Scotland (now known as the Royal Prestwick Golf Club) that year was the first year of the belt as a prize.  The "challenge belt" is made of wide red Morocco leather with a silver buckle and pattern. The prize looks gorgeous today, when it was Tom Maurice Jr (Tom Morrirs). ) got the belt.

The first 11 games were held at the Prestwick golf club in Scotland, with prizes for belts, but the winner returned them to the club. But the Prestwick club rules that if the British Open champion is won for three consecutive years, the player can always claim ownership of the belt. When Maurice, Tom, won the title in 1870, it was his three consecutive title (and then he won again in 1872), so he got the precious belt.


Suddenly, the British Open announced no more prizes because the Scotland Prestwick golf club didn't have enough money to make the belt. So, a member of Prestwick suggested that the Prestwick golf club in St Andrews R&A golf club and the famous Edinburgh Golf Company Liaison office. The Prestwick initiative three golf club held the British Open, and share the prize production costs. The three clubs had been arguing about how to perform their duties, just like 1871, when the British Open was not held that year. Finally, the three clubs finally finalized liaison office open agreement, decided to jointly make the prize.

The original trophy costs 30 pounds. In 1872, the British Open three club organizers - plester Vic Golf Club (Prestwick Golf Club), Edinburgh Golf Honor Society (the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club - the 10 pounds to build this trophy. The trophy is made of sterling silver. The value of silver, the equivalent of today's $2000 (about 12744 yuan).

So, in 1873, Tom Kidd (Tom Kidd) became the first to raise the red wine cup. The first prize was kept at the R&A golf club from 1873 to 1927.

In 1927, the Royal Golf Competition Committee retained the wine jug for safety reasons, and the future champion will only issue copies. The 1927 champion was Bobbi Jones, who did not bring the trophy back to Atlanta, but stayed at the Royal classical club.

From 1928 to today, every trophy received by the champion is a replica. As an annual champion, he can keep it for one year. The original edition of the wine pot is displayed in the Royal classic golf club.

Are there any other prizes besides the wine pot? Since 1872, there has been a silver medal in the British Open trophy, the big oval, with a shield and two cross spears in the center, and the inscription around the "golf championship trophy". In fact, this medal was only made of silver in the early days. In 1880s, medals were designed to undergo many changes. By 1893, medals had become rounded in shape and size and shape had not changed. Unlike "wine pot", "gold medal" can be retained by champion. It turned out that medals were bought by the winner from his own winnings. In 1920, the value of medals rose from 10 in 1972 to 25 pounds. But since 1930, the champion no longer has to pay for the medal himself.

2017 British Open time for from July 20th to 23rd, the venue at the Royal Burke DELL. This is the tenth time DELL Royal Burke hosted the British Open, the first time since 2008 also won the harrington.

Royal Burke DELL is the shortest of the four Grand Slam venues of 2017, only more than 7100 yards...... But when a player wants to consider weather factors, he may not feel the short of it. In addition to be able to see the world's top players in the game the British Open as a gathering of many people, the good thing is, this game does not discriminate against a player's age and distance. Anyone can win.

Not long ago, Chinese player Li Haotong qualified for the US Open to fill the gap in the Chinese men's golf. This is the first round of the Chinese mainland players to enter the U. S. Open final round.

Prior to this, Zhang Huachuang and Liang Wenchong both participated in the U. S. open, but failed to qualify. Li Haotong's promotion, but also to fill the Chinese men's golf in the four Grand Slam missing link: at this point, golf four Grand Slam final round, there have been Chinese players figure. Here, Xiao Bian also hopes he can achieve good results in the competition.

The 146th British open back to the Royal Burke DELL, ten years ago this Harrington successfully defended, ten years after the new generation of players like gangbusters, Li Haotong after the US Open Grand Slam off again. Can Li Haotong refresh the record of Chinese mainland players on the Grand Slam again? In from July 20th to 23rd, highlighting the essence of golf, to witness the wine pot glory.


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