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Specially designed trophy from SONY

Specially designed trophy - SONY 5 years, employees receive crystal handle reward 10 years, employee trophy is more unique

Some companies send souvenirs to old employees in return for their appreciation. Recently, some people on the Internet have basked in their gifts for 5 years in the SONY game division. The "trophy" has been made into a handle, with the word "service for 5 years" written on it. Later, someone said that he had worked in the SONY game for ten years, and he received gifts and this is not the same. What is it?

trophy awards

trophy awards

Originally, the box is equipped with a SONY button on the handle of the cup, the trophy base engraved with the staff name, "Dominic Graziano"". SONY is still in the box with a piece of paper, "thank you for your contribution over the years, the guard posted at the bottom, in order to prevent harm."


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