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How much do you know about the design background of the Oscar cup?

The Golden Knights trophy is 13 feet high and weighs 8 pounds, "the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the Academy Award of merit Achievement Award)," more widespread and known is its nickname "Oscar prize".

trophy awards

The Oscar awards are probably the most recognizable trophy in the world. A Golden Knight stood on the reels of film, holding the Crusader's sword in his hand. This concise but majestic image accurately demonstrates the artistic and unique charm of the most important annual award in the film industry. The Golden Knights trophy is 13.5 feet high and weighs 8.5 pounds, "the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Achievement Award (the Academy Award of merit)", is more widespread and is known is its nickname "Oscar prize".

trophy awards

The Oscar trophy was originally designed by Cedric Gibbs, artistic director of MGM Studios in 1928, and the original three-dimensional trophy was made by Losangeles sculptor George Stanley. The origin of Oscar's nickname is still an unsolved mystery in the film industry. However, from the beginning of 2016, the dream of many people the trophy will be made in the charm of the place far away from Hollywood, in particular, is New York in the Hudson Valley Luoketai Timor town made of hamlet. In the past fifty years, the Oscar trophy was produced by a Chicago cup company using British alloys and gold-plated methods, but now the academy is trying to return to the original practice of bronze.

trophy awards

After 2016, the Oscar trophy at the New York Hudson Valley Luoketai Timor town made of Hamlet
Today, the Oscar trophy is made up of a team of about 80 people from the art foundry, polich tallix, and Limited by Share Ltd. For many years, the design of the Oscar trophy has undergone subtle changes, and the overall image is gradually softened. In the school and discuss later, polich tallix decided early on 1928 the Oscar trophy for scanning, and compare it with the existing model together, creating a new form of art and design of the device, the successful integration of two different ways.
The first batch consisted of fifty trophies, and it took 12 processes to take three months to complete. Use every trophy maker wax immersed into the ceramic shell in the mud, the ten layer wrapped in the shell, then the trophy in kiln burning, after a night of cooling, and then break the shell trophy out and polished and complete mirror polishing. Interestingly, these iconic Oscar outermost shiny golden surface is needed in the production of Broolyn, after the completion of gold in Epner science and technology limited company, Oscar will be returned to polich tallix to complete the assembly.

In fact, before the Oscar awards winners announced that night no one knows the exact number of required trophies, so every factory will produce more trophies, the remaining trophy will be stored for future use awards. When the actor gets the prize and gets the Oscar trophy, the film axis base is blank. The nameplate will be fixed on the trophy after the presentation, and the brand name will also be made by polich tallix.

trophy awards

Use every trophy maker wax immersed into the ceramic shell in the mud, it wrapped in ten layers of shell
After cooling, the producer breaks the shell, takes out the cup, and polishes it to finish the mirror polishing
Many models were polished by hand to produce a shiny surface effect. After Broolyn finished the gold plating, the little man was sent back to polich tallix to complete the assembly
The winning brand names are fixed on each trophy by the manufacturer after the awards ceremony
In response to the status of both winners and many winners, the producer makes an excess of trophies every year


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