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Enjoy the diplomatic courtesy of the crystal trophy

Slovakia overseas Chinese Wang Jiahua invited foreign sponsors Yun crystal trophy enjoy diplomatic courtesy"
Wang Jiahua is the Slovakia overseas Chinese, is he to Slovakia Sparta Trnava invited Shanghai to attend an international school football tournament, all the trophy and he contacted a local crystal factory sponsorship. Speaking of which, Mr. Wang said repeatedly, this is as a Chinese thing.
"I have been in Slovakia for 22 years, and I am engaged in investment and trade. It can be said that there has been a relatively deep foundation for the overseas Chinese and business circles here.". In January this year, Shanghai overseas Chinese Foundation issued the invitation to the game, I immediately started the liaison work in the local, but also go 'top line "by the state government to coordinate, were invited to Sparta Trnava youth team." Speaking of Sparta Trnava, Wang Jiahua is full of excitement, this is a team founded in 1923, is a local professional team, has been nominated two times European top 1/4 event finals. "In Slovakia, the six or seven year old started playing soccer, and began playing at the age of 11, but it was the first time that 20 children were organized to compete in china." He said.
In addition to sponsor the team to match 10 of the tournament trophy, more than 150 souvenirs are also linked to Wang Jiahua. He said, crystal products are Slovakia's specialty, pure raw materials, refined technology, enjoy a high reputation in the world. In March this year, after a friend, he and a local crystal products factory has made contact, did not expect the other side agreed, expressed willingness to contribute to the Shanghai International Campus football Invitational tournament.  Today, these glittering and translucent trophies have been shipped to Shanghai.
Pure crystal glass, the base is quite thick, very clean with fine patterns, English engraved with various awards ranking, "said interesting, the manufacturer does not contact the trophy sponsorship fee what strength, but the trophy to Shanghai, but quite a lot of trouble." Wang Jiahua said, "because the crystal product is the local specialty, to batch shipped abroad, go through various channels will transport business approval, audit, tariffs and other sectors, the process will be very troublesome, so I thought of pursuing diplomacy will try to find the Consulate General of Slovakia in Shanghai, tell them this is purely International Invitational youth charity, not a commercial game, without any commercial factors doping on the inside, ask them to report to the national Ministry of foreign affairs, hope in the name of diplomatic gifts, trophies and gifts will be shipped to Shanghai." After many rounds of communication with the customs and consulates, and finally persuaded the customs to allow the "diplomatic gift" treatment, all the crystal products shipped safely. Two days before the start of the match, the organizing committee has successfully removed these "national ceremony" cups from Pudong airport.
"To make a contribution to world youth soccer enthusiasts to learn to communicate, to Shanghai matches out of the force, a positive performance of this community is our heart of the motherland, is our glory and responsibility." Wang Jiahua says.


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