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Three key words, military medal and medal

Former US President Kennedy has a famous saying: "a country who can be seen from the national as well as its object of worship on memory."
In foreign countries, the official organization of the festival celebration ceremony, you can often see gray haired, chest decorated with medals and medals of veterans. These medals are not only proof of the masters' experience in the army and the war, but also the state's recognition of their bravery, sacrifice and service. They are a badge of honor.
Generally speaking, the highest military honor of all countries is mainly to recognize the heroic behavior and sacrifice spirit of soldiers in battle.
As the highest honor of the American military, the medal of honor is the only medal awarded by the president on behalf of Congress, often referred to as the Congressional Medal of honor. The medal of honor is usually awarded to soldiers who risk their lives in combat with hostile armed forces and perform heroic deeds beyond duty. Former US President Truman has repeatedly said he would rather not be president to have a medal of honor.
The San Georgi medal is Russia's highest military award, mainly awarded in resisting foreign aggression, defend the motherland of the war, with senior officers dedication and heroism. The winner of the medal is inscribed on the Dali stone slab in the St Georges Hall of Moscow Kremlin.
The Vitoria cross is the highest medal of honor in the military system of many Commonwealth nations. The medal was inscribed with the words "FOR VALOUR" (Zhang Yongyi), indicating that the medal was only given to those who showed great courage in the face of the enemy. In the United Kingdom, it is generally given by the king or queen personally to the winning or immediate relatives of Buckingham Palace, and in other Commonwealth countries, by the governor.
In addition to medals for combat heroic soldiers, there are also medals and medals used to affirm servicemen's excellent service and great feats in the state's need.
When the guards Festival and other important festivals or annual work summary, the Russian border forces are to outstanding border guards and private voluntary edge team members issued all kinds of medals, such as border guards, border Anniversary Commemorative Medal medal, outstanding service medal medal, the far east border guards, dog trainers, frontier veterans medal medal. In order to stimulate shoubian staff's sense of honor, promote the upgrading of the level of border control.
The United States Department of defense superior service medal, awarded in the joint departments and senior officers is particularly excellent in carrying special or great responsibility; the United States Army Reserve Medal of merit award, completed four years of service in the army reserve and national guard, and the level in the service period behavior, work efficiency, reliability and loyalty the colonel the following officers.
In addition, there are some medals designed to commemorate the soldiers' special experiences or service histories. The Soviet Union had a medal for the defence of Leningrad, the defence of Moscow medal, medal for the defence of Stalingrad, the Great Patriotic War victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War Against Japan medal, medal, medal for the capture of Berlin, Warsaw Liberation Medal, Prague Liberation Medal, etc.. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, most of these medals were recognized by russia. The United States also set up the U. S. military service medal, the Asia Pacific Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Humanitarian Action Medal, the Antarctic Service Medal, the global anti-terrorism war service medal and so on.
It is particularly worth mentioning is that in 1985, the United States approved the establishment of the prisoner of War Medal, awarded to specially since the first World War the United States members of the armed forces in all captured in armed conflict, but requires the winner in captivity behaviour must be respected.
The colors and shapes and sizes of military decorations and medals vary from country to country. But its composition design, more or less contain soldiers, flag, sword, horse, shield, and Scepter war related elements; the services awarded the medal medal will be eagles, aircraft, tanks and other military services, has the characteristics of anchor pattern. This design embodies distinctive military characteristics, full of strong fighting spirit, which demonstrates the value pursuit of the soldiers born for the victory, and also inspires the soldiers to always think of preparing for war and gaining honor from the battlefield.

Russia's San Georgi medal from the star and the body is composed of two parts. The star center reads "for service with the brave words, encourage people to struggle for the motherland brave warrior; design the horse stamp body to overcome the forces of evil, embodies a courageous fighting spirit. The medals awarded by Russia at the national level are given to military personnel, and special practices are also designed and worn to highlight the unique contribution of military personnel. The medal of Saint Andre is the Russian national top award, designed with the sword body and Star Medal chapter for military personnel. The same is true of the Service Medal of the motherland as is known to the world. For the motherland Service Medal is divided into four levels, according to relevant regulations, wear high level for service to the homeland, no longer wear low level service medal for the motherland and for the motherland Service Medal, but the medal except with the sword.

The United States Star Medal of honor on behalf of the United States, a symbol of strength of oak leaves, laurel branches "Minerva" symbol of merit; goddess avatar symbolizes wisdom, and from the United States national emblem on the shield with said legal authorization. This design has not only manifested the American will and the formidable military strength, but also is full of the rich humanities breath, the deep historical background and the high legal spirit.
At the same time, medals and medals in the form of military performance sometimes embodies the level and type of difference. Such as the American military order is to reward individual heroism and excellent service, usually designed as star or cross shaped. The medal of honor, the silver star, Bronze Star Medal of the pentagram was, the army Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross to cross. A medal designed to reward good conduct and to participate in certain battles, expeditions, and non military operations, usually round. This design not only embodies the different value of the medal, but also makes the medal more rich and varied.
In addition, the manufacture and accessories of medals and medals can also reflect the personal experience and combat feats of the winners. The bronze and silver medals, affixed to the ribbon and slightly above the chapter identifies hoon, repeatedly received or participated in some major battles; bronze arrow identifies the wearer as a member of the executive of the tactical mission units, participated in combat parachute assault, helicopter landing, glider airborne or amphibious assault action and attack proof; letter symbol used to identify again or repeatedly get the air medal, multinational force and observers medal; Good Conduct Medal trim is used to identify the good conduct medal won the number of copper for 2-5 times, 6-10 times for silver, gold for the first time 11-15. Undoubtedly, the design and composition of the various combat logo highlights, is conducive to the development of combat culture.
Admiral Michael Burda, Admiral of the US Navy, committed suicide in May 16, 1996. It is hard for the average man to think that the commander of the US Navy killed himself in relation to the battle medal he wore.
Prior to this, the Boer chest wearing two "V" word battle medal, causing media questioned. The United States Naval doctrine, the word "V" battle honours awarded only in direct combat and meritorious military service soldier, and wearing rights must be detailed in the certificate of honor. Although he participated in the operations of 1965 and 1973, he was able to wear the "V" battle medal for recognition in 1973, according to the certificate of honor. The wearing a medal, which is considered to be the "theft of honor". Later, although the Burda took the word "V" combat, the media still vigorously pursued. Under pressure, he chose suicide in order not to damage the Navy's image.
Burda death although some distraught, but which shows us the medal awarded, wear is so detailed and strict regulations. In fact, in the United States and Russia, the medal category, class, function, object, wearing occasions and awarded the position, affixation and various accessories which are related to the order of the rules and regulations stipulated. In other words, whether medals, medals, medals, medals, wear, should be in accordance with the "chapter" and go.
The Russian Georgi medal as an example, the medal is divided into four levels, a medal, two medals including chapter and star, three medals and four medals only chapter body. Zhang wearing a medal on the right shoulder hanging in the grand cordon; two medals and three medals with neck ribbon chapter worn on the neck; four medal worn before other medals, medals. A medal and two Star Medal worn on the left chest, lower than the other Medal Ribbon, lower than the highest national award medal of the Russian St. Andre star. Similarly, the medal of San Georgi is also located in the chapter of St. Andre's medal.
The left chest wearing a medal, according to the level of order of St. Andre medal, San Georgi medal, to serve for the motherland four Medal (before three were worn on the right shoulder big ribbon and Xiang Shou), bravery, military service medal, Maritime Service Medal, medal of honor, the order of friendship are worn on the after service for the motherland four the medal. The medals on the right breast are Zhukov's order, Suvorov's medal, Ushakov's medal, Kutuzov's medal, etc..
The American Purple Heart Medal is mainly awarded to soldiers or civilians who were wounded or killed in battle against the enemy. The U.S. military did all the details about "injuries" and ten "injuries" that did not meet the purple medal. Strict standards and regulations to ensure that the military can according to regulations or Application Award honoree, the maximum to avoid the free operation and personal secret.
The medal of honor in the United States also has a very detailed description of the wearing. According to the regulations, requirements on the medal of honor ribbon shirt collar, collar or not is exposed out of the medal hanging on the coat, tie top, or pinned over the left breast is higher than that of the other. The medal of honor is the only medal in the United States that cannot be legally bought and sold. It is also illegal to get people to wear them in public.
In addition, the medal of honor is the only American medal and material reward the winners not only can receive a monthly salary of a special, but also enjoy free ride of U.S. military aircraft, and enjoy life into military service shopping treatment. As long as the children meet the prescribed conditions, they can be free of quota and enter West Point, Annapolis naval academy or air force officer


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