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Originality, design, texture, BRICs Film Festival, panda award are made in Chengdu

Today, the "2017 China Chengdu BRICs Film Festival will be opened in Chengdu, Brazil, Russia, Chinese from India, South Africa, the five BRICs filmmakers will gather in Chengdu, seek common development road movie cooperation. The BRICs Film Festival Awards Named "panda Award", set the best film, best director, best actor, best actress, special jury award 5 awards, "July and still" and "action" on behalf of the Mekong China competition "panda award".
Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned that the "panda Award" trophy design from Chengdu famous artist and designer Xu Liaoyuan's hand. In the eyes of a panda is one of the Liao source, the highest recognition of foreigners Chinese cultural symbols, friendly and lovely "panda Award" to convey the cultural diversity of the United States, also represents the BRIC Film Festival to promote common vision friendly.
This time, Xu did not specify the shape of a panda, but completely abstracted it. This trophy is 28 centimeters high, no nose eyes, only a small two C shape, respectively is the panda's head and body, head of right and left a chubby ear. Film Festival and other trophies with glass as different materials, "panda Award" trophy is made of bronze, raw materials from Chengdu a special bronze smelting factory, "the material is more pure, gloss and hardness are the best." Xu Liaoyuan said, Sanxingdui and Jinsha Ruins unearthed a lot of bronze, that early in the ancient Shu, bronze smelting reached a considerable level. The luster of the Bronze Trophy will be more thick, with a soft and subtle light. I hope to use this ancient bronze craft to pass on the profound Chinese culture to foreign friends.


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